I guess Drayton looked out there and saw an absence of people either

I guess Drayton looked out there and saw an absence of people either that or they were all wearing Harry Potter's Magic Cloak.He isn't sure WHO to blame, besides the fans, that is, so he wants to reduce payroll if we won't pay to see a crappy replica Bvlgari BB38GLDCH Men's watch expensive team, we won't pay to see a crappy cheap team neither.Anyway, Roy and Lance have about had it with Drayton's meddling and bumbling and endless bull about being a champion crap while he plays GM badly.You think Roy and Lance aren't looking at Gerry Hunsicker's team, which, by the way, just happened to suddenly get good right after he joined them? Coincidence?

Pretty impressive.But like Roger Clemens sez, you don't get run support, you can't win ballgames.And he oughtta know.So Brad Lidge comes in and pitches a good inning 1 piddly single, but otherwise nothing.Top of the 8th, Palmeiro pinch hits replica Ulysse Nardin 749-80 Men's watch for Burke and singles, then Lance walks and Carlos Lee is up but no go and Mo Ensberg gets himself out and we strand 2 again.This is getting monotonous.Qualls comes in and pitches a good inning.Then their closer, Salomon Torres is on and Lane singles, then Adam Everett grounds into a fielders choice to short, but Castillo throws the ball away trying to beat Everett to first and he takes second on the bad throw.

Depending on how things go in Florida, and on what the doctors and trainers think, he might could be headed to A Round Rock for rehab.He wasn't the best fielder BEFORE his operation.Not sure whether or not they plan to have him play both 1B replica Tissot T17.1.486.34 Men's watch the OF (will it be left or right he actually had a better defensive rating in left, in spite of the corners, and his arm isn't anything great…) but we most DEFINITELY need that bat!

Burke is up and hits a grounder back to the pitcher who alertly throws to third

Anyhow, Burke is up and hits a grounder back to the pitcher who alertly throws to third and catches Biggio way off the bag.Biggio didn't used to get caught like that.Good grief.Then with Lance up, Burke gets caught stealing.When things go replica Ulysse Nardin 263-67-3-4 Men's watch bad, oh they go BAD.Sigh.Albers gives up a LONG homer to Eldred in the 5th, but pitches the rest of the inning and the 6th without a problem.In the bottom of the 6th, Ausmus beats out an infield single, so that's all she wrote for Albers 6 innings, 4 hits, 1 BB, 1 HR, 3 ER -84 pitches, 60 strikes.

Pujols should have tagged Taveras FIRST he had time, looks like means Biggio has slowed down a LOT.Anyway, Everett hits his first weak grounder of the day and the inning is OVAH.Actually, guess the game basically is, too, cuz we don't do replica Tissot T12.1.581.52Men's watch against Ray King or Julian Taveras.A shocking sight with us down 3 runs bottom of the 8th, Franco is sent in to face Eckstein, a righty, and GETS HIM OUT!We better hide the tape from Mets fans the hospitals be overflowing with all the fainting people…

Lance Berkman has left the team today for Kissimee, Fla, to practice fielding and hitting.I'm not sure if he will simply hit off a tee or hit BP and I don't know if he will work on breaking out of the box.He will not go to Pittsburgh (where it is supposed to replica Tissot T65.7.581.41 Men's watch tomorrow good grief, haven't they heard of SUMMER Up There??) heck, I'D rather be in Florida, too, but anyway, he'll fly back to Houston, probably this weekend, to be checked by the team doctors.

Better not be seeing the usual leaving bases loaded with no outs crap we been seeing lately

Well, he looked REAL good to the Stro hitters, that is, Lamb singled, Lane walked and Burke singled.Bases loaded, no out.Better not be seeing the usual leaving bases loaded with no outs crap we been seeing lately.But Ausmus walks (stat of the day replica Tissot T34.7.481.61 Men's watch Ausmus has more pitches PA than any other Astro too bad he only has 4 walks…) in a run, Taveras hits into a surefire DP to Eckstein, but he throws the ball away, run scores and everyone safe on E6.Bases still loaded, nobody out.

Biggio sent up to pinch hit, even though he has a BA of .228 with bases loaded (where's Ensberg?) andOK here goes triple vs double play:Biggio hits the ball to Rolen, who sees Burke heading home, but steps on third, forcing Ausmus (FIRST OUT) then throws the ball to Pujols at first, where Taveras is still standing on the bag.Pujols replica Tissot T19.1.481.42 Men's watch receives the ball, steps on the bag forcing Biggio (SECOND OUT) then tags Taveras, who is still standing on the bag.(SO, is Taveras safe or is he out?) Cards all run off the fieldmercial arguing -Phil and Ump, TLR and umpEnd of commercial answer Willy Taveras is SAFE because once Biggio was forced out, Taveras had a right to stand on the bag and could not be tagged out because he was THEN safe.

replica Chopard 278419-2001 watch! No outs we gotta get a run in NOW, right? But nO.Burke flies out, Lance flies out, Carlos hits a piddly single to right and Mansolino hold the pitcher Albers at third.Ensberg grounds out.Husband looks at me, sez they suck, let's eat.Man of few words, especially when he's hungry.In the bottom of the 4th, Albers, who hadn't given up a hit, gives up 2 runs.Well, sez Husband, game's over.Just as well cuz the Mavs come on at 8:30 and this mess will be over.Then, at the top of the 5th, Biggio hits a sharp ball to right which goes under the glove of Eldred (who is actually a first baseman), rolls to the wall and Biggio ends up on third I guess the scorer calls this a triple cuz he she figgers Eldred can barely catch a fly ball, but a triple?

he can't throw from center to 3rd without pulling the third baseman way off the bag

arm, and he can't throw from center to 3rd without pulling the third baseman way off the bag…Now I'm NOT saying Backe was real too sharp here, BUT he didn't get good support from his OF.Or from the hitters, for that matter.Backe helped himself with a walk and a run (and 1 K), Everett hit 2 good singles and got robbed of a sure double by a replica Tissot T91.1.486.51 Men's watch catch by Reggie Sanders in left, Baggy had a RBI single and a RBI double and left one on.Morris, who our hacktastic guys made look better than he is, was pulled after 93 pitches after the fifth, and Jimmy Journell was sent into relieve.

Because with the ownership who keeps their 25 mill of profit a year for themselves instead of trying to win, those die hard 2000 fans deserve the few wins they get replica Chopard 278238-3006 watch So the game starts at 6:05 and from the kitchen, I can hear the TV in the living room over the yells of the kids.We play small ball in the first inning and Chris Burke walks, goes to third on a Berkman single, then scores on a Carlos Lee sac fly.At least we won't get shut out again.Yeah, I know.I'm starting to sound like May 05, May 06…And there isn't much action until the 3rd, when we're about to sit down and eat (and Husband does NOT like any delay in getting food in mouth) but Albers singles, then Biggio singles.

My friend Dan said that this here team couldn't beat Stephen Hawking.Looks like he's right.Oh yeah Sammy Gervacio, who looks hurt, got sent back down, Byrdak is on the DL, and so Wilton Lopez was called back up along with Gustavo Chacin, who replica Bvlgari AL29TAVD/SLN Ladie's watch gave up 5 homers in 24 innings at Round Rock.Whoopie Doo.Wonder which team is gonna get Oswalt/Berkman.Wonder if we'll get good middle relievers for them, or just the usual crap that Ed Wade goes and gets…


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